Straight Stairlift Rail Design Differences

Rail design is a key differentiator between straight stairlift manufacturers and an important factor when choosing a brand.

Bruno’s straight stairlifts ride on a unique 2.5-inch-wide vertical rail, giving the stairlift an unobtrusive appearance and allowing it to install near the wall for maximum open space. Other brands often use a horizontal rail that is highly noticeable and takes up more space on the stairs.

“People will often say they want a stairlift that blends into their staircase. Bruno’s sleek vertical rail is the most compact on the market and gives a much more open appearance to the staircase,” cited a Bruno dealer.

Another attractive quality the Bruno straight rail is its covered gear rack. Because the gear rack is inverted behind the rail, it’s not noticeable and there is no exposure to grease or moving parts.

“With Bruno’s covered gear rack, there’s not the worry of grandchildren grabbing the rail and getting grease on their hand or carpet. It’s much cleaner and appealing looking.”

Bruno’s indoor and outdoor straight stairlifts feature Bruno’s signature vertical rail with covered gear rack.